UV-LUX®: the world's first UV-light activatable adhesive tape technology

From pioneers for pioneers: This is UV-LUX® - the world's first UV-light activatable adhesive tape technology, based on epoxy resin chemistry. Suited for semi-structural as well as structural bonding, this new technology enables fast processes for most varied applications - and makes many things in your production much easier. 




Less effort with UV-LUX®

UV-LUX® Technology saves you considerable effort that is inevitable with other bonding techniques. Both a cooling chain and a thermal input can be dispensed with. 

Furthermore, you are not limited to translucent materials because there is no need for further UV-light radiation after activation. 

UV-LUX®: All clear due to color change

The inital tack (immediate adhesion) for a possible pre-application is provided by the UV-LUX® Technology. A color change provides precise, easy and safe manufacturing processes: A successful activation at a wavelength of 365 nm is made visible by an initial color change of the tape, the final cure is displayed by yet another change of color. 

  1. Starting color blue:
    Adhesive tape is pre-applicable at room temperature and activatable within a few seconds
  2. Color change to pink:
    After UV-light activation. Can be joined immediately afterwards
  3. Color change to purple:
    After 24 hours. Curing is completed

This is what makes the UV-LUX® Technology so unique

The UV-light activatable UV-LUX® adhesive tape offers you a wide range of advantages, depending on the respective application. For example:

  • Tacky at room temperature
  • Higher strengths than with adhesive tapes
  • Semi-structural to structural adhesive behavior
  • Offers a quicker initial fixture strength than liquid adhesives - no additional fixation needed
  • No thermal input or cooling chain required
  • No translucent substrates needed  

Two application examples

Fixation of plastic components on glass

Process advantages: 

  • Pre-application of die-cuts on plastic components via UV-LUX® Technology at room temperature
  • Colored tape ensures safe visual recognizability 
  • Increased process safety - the color change makes it unmistakably clear that the adhesive tape has been activated and has completed curing
  • No additional fixation of the plastic component needed after activation, thereby immediate processing possible 
  • No adhesive bleed and thus no extensive post-processing

Lab-on-a-Chip: sealing film for safe closure of micro-fluid cartridges

Process advantages: 

  • The transparent product structure allows a flawless photometric analysis
  • UV-light activation possible outside of the sealing station thanks to dark curing 
  • Hereby, the protection of the assays with the possibility of performing sterilization and activation in one step is possible
  • No restriction of the assay selection thanks to cold sealing (unlike hot sealing) 

„Based on the UV-LUX® Technology, we at Hahn-Schickard, in a joint effort with a Lohmann team, have developed an optimal solution for our customers' sealing processes. This technology is the first on the market that allows Lab-on-a-Chip sealing with maximum strengths, whilst being uncompromisingly gentle to assays.“

Dipl.-Chem. Raimund Rother, Hahn-Schickard Department Lab-on-a-Chip Scale-up

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